General meeting

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the general meeting is a company’s highest decision-making body. At the annual general meeting, which shall be held within six months from the end of the financial year, shareholders exercise their voting rights on issues, such as adoption of income statements and balance sheets, appropriation of the company’s profits or losses, discharge of liability for the board of directors and the CEO for the financial year, the appointment of members of the board of directors and auditor, and remuneration for the board of directors and the auditor.

Annual general meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting 2018 will take place on the 18th of December at 10.00 to 12.00 CET in Stockholm. 

Notice to convene the AGM 2018


7A Odenplan
Norrtullsgatan 6
113 29 Stockholm

Shareholders who wish to have matters considered should submit a written request to the board of directors by 5 November 2018 at the latest to ensure that the matter is included in the notice convening the annual general meeting. 

Registration to attend the General Meeting: 

Roschier Advokatbyrå
Att. Tilda Rosengren
Box 7358, 103 90 Stockholm

or by Phone 08-553 190 75

or by e-mail to:

Download Processing  of personal data

Download related documents: 


The board of directors' proposal regarding a resolution to adopt guidelines for remuneration to the CEO and executive management

The board of directors' proposal for a resolution granting the board of directors the authority to issue new shares

The board of directors' proposal for a long-term incentive program

The nomination committee's proposals

The nomination committee's statement

Nomination committee

Shareholders with proposals for board members are entitled to submit these to the nomination committee. Proposals should be sent to: 

Magnus Wiklander
MAG Interactive AB
Drottninggatan 95A
113 60 Stockholm Sweden 

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