Annual Report 2017/18



MAG Interactive’s game portfolio, all within the casual gaming space is monetized through in-app purchases and in-game advertising. The games are created for mobile devices, and are distributed through virtual app stores, such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The proliferation of mobile devices and the free to play business model enables MAG Interactive to reach a broad audience. Users are able to explore entertainment without being forced to make upfront payments to download the game. Instead, users can purchase virtual goods during the game experience at their sole discretion.

broad portfolio

The Company has succeeded in creating a strong game portfolio, providing a stable base for operations. In order to maintain and develop its base, the Company is investing in marketing activities and strives to actively improve the current portfolio with new content and new features added by updating the games on a regular basis. In addition, new game launches diversify the game portfolio, making the business less and less dependent on a single game.


MAG Interactive’s ambition is to develop games within the casual gaming space with a focus on multiplayer and strong social elements. Instead of focusing on a specific sub-genre of games, e.g. word or trivia games, MAG Interactive has adopted the approach to focus on its audience and develop games that the current MAG Interactive players would appreciate. This means that future game launches could be within different sub-genres, but targeting the same type of audience as the Company’s current games. MAG Interactive’s portfolio is characterised by gaming entertainment where user engagement is driven by challenging tasks and progressivity.  The games should be highly accessible and played anywhere and at any time whilst being easy to learn but difficult to master.