Annual Report 2017/18

Note 21 - Financial instruments by category 

Loan receivables and trade and other receivablesAssets valued at fair value through the income statementTotal
Assets in the balance sheet   
Other long-term receivables1,22401,224
Trade and other receivables11,995011,995
Other current receivables15,343015,343
Cash and cash equivalents181,3050181,305
Total 31/08/2018209,8670209,867
Assets in the balance sheet   
Other long-term receivables1,78201,782
Other long-term securities19,004019,004
Trade and other receivables13,488013,488
Cash and cash equivalents37,523037,523
Total 31/08/201771,797071,797
 Other financial liabilitiesTotal
Other long-term liabilities 15,55615,556
Trade and other payables 8,3108,310
Other current liabilities 17,86617,866
Total 31/08/2018 41,73241,732
Trade and other payables 12,99212,992
Total 31/08/2017 12,99212,992