Annual Report 2017/18

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income 

Amounts in SEK ,000 Financial year
Operating income   
Net sales5216,870260,405
Own work capitalised1619,95420,205
Other operating income6, 133,3892,759
Operating expenses  
Sales-related costs7-61,744-78,950
Performance-based marketing-72,390-111,145
Other external expenses9, 13-77,046-23,740
Personnel costs8-69,377-42,437
Total operating expenses (excluding depreciation and impairments of tangible and intangible non-current assets)-280,557-256,272
Depreciation and impairments of tangible and intangible non-current assets15, 16-26,539-23,015
Total operating expenses-307,096-279,287
Operating profit/loss-66,8834,082
Financial income10, 133,239126
Financial expenses10, 13-1,587-656
Net financial items1,652-530
Profit/loss before tax-65,2313,552
Income tax115,434-2,979
Profit/loss for the year -59,797573
Other comprehensive income 2017/2018 2016/2017 
Items that can be cancelled later in   
Exchange rate differences 1,897-1,380
Other comprehensive income for the year, net after tax 1,897-1,380
Total comprehensive income for the year -57,900-807

The profit/loss and total comprehensive income for the year are attributable in full to the parent company’s shareholders.

Earnings per share, calculated on basis of profit/loss attributable to the parent company’s shareholders (expressed as SEK per share)12-0.002300.02975