Annual Report 2017/18

Parent company’s cash flow statement 

Amounts in SEK ,000   
Cash flow from operating activities  
Profit/loss before financial items-45,038-1,335
Adjustment for items not included in cash flow245,1577,569
Interest received11566
Interest paid-554-3
Income tax paid0-1,682
Cash flow from operating activities before change in working capital-40,4245,115
Change in current operating receivables-4,416 -4,159
Change in current operating liabilities1,424 5,799
Total change in working capital-2,992 1,640
Cash flow from operating activities-43,015 6,755
Cash flow from investing activities  
Investments in tangible non-current assets10-469 -2,881
Acquisition of subsidiary, after deduction of cash and cash equivalents acquired32-134,731 0
Change in securities2119,004 -3,004
Cash flow from investing activities-116,196 -5,885
Cash flow from financing activities  
Option scheme01,218
Share Issue271,7070
Loan DB31,311
Cash flow from financing activities 302,818-13,701
Reduction/increase in cash and cash equivalents  
Cash flow for the year143,607 -12,831
Exchange rate difference in cash and cash equivalents175 -649
Opening cash and cash equivalents37,523 51,003
Closing cash and cash equivalents181,305 37,523