Annual Report 2017/18

Note 33 – Associated parties 

No individual or company has, directly or indirectly, control of a majority of shares or votes in the company.


As decision was made at the extraordinary general meeting on 21/11/2016 on a dividend of 14,919; the dividend to associated parties is shown below.

Mobile Access Group8,707
Johan Persson1,415

Remuneration to senior executives

For information regarding remuneration to senior executives, see note 8.

Redemption of shares

On 12 October 2015, 37,500 shares were redeemed by Roger Skagervall AB, 5590019-2380, to a value of TSEK 7,485. Roger Skagervall AB is an associated party as the company’s owner is one of the founders.

Associated company

 Sales of goods/services to associated partyReceivable from associated party as of 31/08/2017
Mobile Access Group116116