Annual Report 2017/18

Parent company’s income statement 

Amounts in SEK ,000 Financial year
Operating income  
Net sales3166,666260,405
Other operating income 96,7862,759
Operating expenses  
Sales-related costs4-51,863-79,036
Performance-based marketing-71,617-111,146
Other external expenses6, 9-35,832-23,913
Personnel costs5-53,869-42,963
Depreciation and impairments of tangible and intangible non-current assets10, 11-5,309-7,441
Total operating expenses-218,490-264,499
Operating profit/loss-45,038-1,335
Financial items  
Financial income7, 9646566
Financial expenses7, 9-613-652
Net financial items33-86
Profit/loss after financial items-45,005-1,421
Change of tax allocation reserves40,120-1,400
Total appropriations40,120-1,400
Profit/loss before tax-4,885-2,821
Tax on profit/loss for the year81,699-949
Profit/loss for the year-3,186-3,770

The parent company has no items recorded as other comprehensive income, and total comprehensive income therefore corresponds with the profit/loss for the year.