Annual Report 2018/19



MAG's business model is based on the development of free-to-play games for mobile platforms, which refers to games that are free to download and play for the user. The company has chosen to invest in free-to-play because it gives MAG the opportunity to reach a wide audience, the casual players, who prefer to play easily accessible free games. MAG's revenue is generated from in-app purchases and from advertisement. In parallel, the products are continually updated with new content to increase player engagement and improve the gaming economy. The company creates long-term returns by optimizing marketing volumes based on a focus on return on investment (ROI) rather than cost per install (CPI).

Social components and multiplayer

At the beginning of the 2018/2019 financial year MAG established a strategy focused on developing social multiplayer games. The company had seen that social components with multiplayer modes provide better retention and long-term involvement with the players, and thus generate more income over time. Future releases will continue to have the same focus on social multiplayer geared towards a casual audience, while genre may vary.

Games as a service

In order to maintain player commitment, MAG handles the portfolio as active products and considers the gaming experience a service. The company continuously updates and improves the products, investing in the game’s development by means of surveys, tests, marketing activities, and optimizations to make sure the content’s constantly relevant to the players.

The company's goal is to consistently focus on delivering new and improved experiences to ensure the stable commitment of the players, positive development in revenue and long-term reinforced retention.