Annual Report 2018/19

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

Amounts in SEK ,000 Financial year
Operating income   
Net sales5172,953216,870
Own work capitalised1623,66719,954
Other operating income6, 132,0503,389
Operating expenses  
Sales-related costs7-90,527-134,134
Other external expenses9,13-37,992-77,046
Personnel costs8-65,203-69,377
Depreciation and impairments of tangible and intangible non-current assets15,16-24,346-26,539
Total operating expenses-218,068-307,096
Operating profit/loss-19,398-66,883
Financial income10, 133,8473,239
Financial expenses10, 13-1,666-1,587
Net financial items2,1811,652
Profit/loss before tax-17,216-65,231
Income tax113,4665,434
Profit/loss for the year-13,750-59,797
Other comprehensive income 




Items that can be cancelled later in   
Exchange rate differences 3011,897
Other comprehensive income for the year, net after tax 3011,897
Total comprehensive income for the year -13,449-57,900

The profit/loss and total comprehensive income for the year are attributable in full to the parent company’s shareholders.

Earnings per share calculated on basis of profit/loss attributable to the parent company’s shareholders (expressed as SEK per share).12-0.52-2.27