Annual Report 2018/19

Note 27 - Financial liabilities

The table below analyses the Group’s non-derivative financial liabilities that constitute financial liabilities, broken down according to the time remaining on the balance sheet date until the contractual due date. The amounts quoted in the table are the contractual, non-discounted cash flows.

 Less than 3 monthsBetween 3 months and 1 yearBetween 1 and 2 yearsBetween 2 and 5 yearsMore than 5 years
As of 31 August 2019     
Trade and other payables6,35617000
Other current liabilities5,73412,551000
Liabilities to Group companies61,8030000
As of 31 August 2018     
Other long-term liabilities0015,55600
Trade and other payables8,3090000
Other current liabilities23115,556000
Liabilities to Group companies2,5880000