Annual Report 2018/19

Note 21 - Trade and other receivables

Trade and other receivables19,51710,063
Trade and other receivables - net19,51710,063

Amounts recorded for each currency for the Group’s trade and other receivables are as follows:


The maximum exposure to credit risk as of the balance sheet date is the carrying amount of trade and other receivables stated above.

The fair value of trade and other receivables corresponds to their carrying amount, as there is no significant discount effect.

No trade or other receivables have been pledged as collateral for any debt.

The amended version of IFRS 7 Financial instruments: Disclosures was applied to the current year, whereas the previous version of IFRS 7 was applied to the comparative period. The disclosures below pertain only to the comparative period. 

As of 31 August 2018 confirmed trade and other receivables totaled KSEK 10,063 for the Group.

As of 31 August 2018, trade and other receivables totaling KSEK 579 were due, without it being considered that an impairment requirement existed for the Group. The receivables due relate to a number of customers who have not previously experienced any payment difficulties.

An age analysis of these trade and other receivables is shown below:

1-30 days554467
31 - 60 days13795
> 61 days28217
Total trade and other receivables due973579

The Group has no mortgage as security.