Annual Report 2018/19

Ownership structure

MAG Interactive AB (publ) is the parent company of the Group, which consists of MAG Interactive AB (publ) and one wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom, with the company name MAG Games Limited, and one wholly owned subsidiary in Sweden, with the company name FEO Media AB.

In the beginning of December 2017 MAG Interactive was listed on NASDAQ First North Premier with first day of trading on 8 December 2017.

In conjunction with the listing the company all previous preference shares were converted to common shares. The total number of shares is 26,321,393.

As listed on the company website as of 30 September 2019 the major owners are:

OwnersNumber of shares  %
Daniel Hasselberg 3 111 66611,8
Kaj Nygren3 025 43911,5
Avanza Pension2 561 1019,7
Swedbank Robur2 466 3099,4
Didner & Gerge2 135 0008,1
Johan Persson1 499 5605,7
Anders Larsson1 369 5605,2
Roger Skagerwall1 296 1974,9
Fredrik Stenh1 278 2564,9
Chalex1 052 8414,0
RAM One980 6563,7