Live mode in New QuizDuel scales up in Germany

MAG expands the rollout of New QuizDuel's new live trivia mode to a considerably larger audience in Germany.

Stockholm, Sweden - 25 February 2021 - MAG Interactive announces today that the new live mode in New QuizDuel in Germany will be made available to a greatly expanded audience.

In December, technical tests of the new game mode began on a smaller scale in the game's largest market, Germany, and have gradually scaled up since then. The new game mode consists of live quizzes with a host and is designed together with Primetime, which was acquired by MAG in the fall of 2020.

The live mode will primarily be monetized through sponsorship campaigns, a financing model that Primetime uses. From March, the game mode will be operated commercially and several sponsorship deals have already been signed.

“During February, we have fine-tuned both technology and show format and are ready to launch the live mode in March. A number of sponsorship agreements are already in place, based on the scaling that’s already been carried out in February. At present, the live mode is available to around 200,000 German players and we estimate that more than one million Germans will have the opportunity to play these live shows before the end of March", says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

The new live mode will first launch in Germany, then subsequently in Switzerland and Austria.