MAG Interactive announces soft launch of Crozzle

After seeing initial positive metrics, MAG will continue to test its new crossword game Crozzle in the US market.

Stockholm, Sweden - 13 December, 2023 - MAG Interactive, a leading mobile games developer based in Stockholm, is excited to announce the soft launch of Crozzle, a new crossword game with a decoration meta. The game is set to soft launch in the US market. 

Crozzle is a relaxing crossword game where players can casually compete by completing crossword puzzles. Players earn rewards that allow them to decorate travel destinations and new locations to decorate can be unlocked over time.

“We are very pleased to soft launch a new game from MAG. We have seen initial promising metrics for Crozzle leading up to this decision. It’s important to note that the game is still in an early development phase and we will keep optimizing the game and its performance throughout the soft launch period. We also need to evaluate if Crozzle is ready for large scale user acquisition, before any potential global launch. Ultimately, we believe in the product and want during this soft launch period to create an even more enjoyable gaming experience, and we hope another hit game for MAG,” says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

Crozzle will be available for download in the US market before the end of the year.