Financial goals and dividend policy

  • MAG Interactive’s goal is to on average achieve annual growth significantly above the growth of the global gaming market over a business cycle
  • MAG Interactive's top-line development is a function of two main aspects, being:
    • Pipeline of new games
    • Development of existing games
  • MAG Interactive's long term profitability target is an EBIT-margin of at least 20%

  • Profitability may vary from period-to-period depending on a number of factors, including timing of game launches, investments in growth activities and acquisitions

Dividend policy

  • MAG Interactive operates in a rapidly growing market, and in order to capitalise on this, the company intends to prioritise growth activities, such as game development and marketing going forward
  • Any dividend paid will be subject to the company’s overall financial position, growth prospects, profitability, acquisition opportunities and cash flow