MAG Interactive soft launches Tile Mansion

After positive tests in several markets, MAG considers the Apprope game Tile Mansion a candidate for future global launch.

Stockholm, Sweden - 6 April, 2022 - MAG Interactive are pleased to announce that the game Tile Mansion, developed by its Apprope studio, has officially entered a soft launch phase.

Apprope is a Swedish mobile game studio that was started in 2012 and acquired by MAG in January 2021. Apprope mainly develops games in the word category, has reached over 55 million users and has had several of their games reach high rankings on top lists in the U.S. Apprope's latest game release, Word Mansion, is a word puzzle adventure framed by a story that revolves around renovation and decoration.

Since the fall of 2021, Apprope has tested multiple game concepts based on the Word Mansion framework. Tile Mansion in particular, which uses a Mahjong inspired game mechanic, showed positive results after tests in several markets. After the end of Q2, Tile Mansion showed such good results that MAG now considers Tile Mansion a soft launched product and candidate for future global launch.

In this phase of development there are still uncertainties regarding what the performance will look like over time and if marketing proves to be scalable or not. However, with Tile Mansion’s current performance, MAG sees significant opportunities to develop the game into the global market.