Tile Mansion ready for global launch

Puzzle adventure Tile Mansion already engages thousands of players and shows the highest ARPDAU in the portfolio.

Stockholm, Sweden - 29 June, 2022 - MAG Interactive is excited to announce that Tile Mansion, developed by MAG's Apprope studio, is ready to proceed to global launch during the summer months.

Tile Mansion is a puzzle adventure with mahjong-inspired game mechanics and a renovation and decoration theme. The game is developed based on Word Mansion's game engine, where different parts of the engine can be replaced in modules - for example with a different basic mechanic - to be able to quickly test new combinations of game categories on the market.

Tile Mansion was soft-launched in MAG's third quarter (March - May) after positive results in several market tests. During Q3, the game was developed further, new features were added, monetization was improved and thanks to continued strong KPIs, user acquisition (UA) could also be increased during the month of June. Tile Mansion already engages thousands of players and generates approximately 4% of MAG's daily revenue. In this early growth stage, the game also shows the highest average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of all games in the portfolio.

“We are pleased that Tile Mansion is now ready for global launch. What we have accomplished is the result of the passionate work that our Apprope studio has put in together with other teams at MAG. We will continue to add new content and accelerate UA investments and plan to expand to more markets continuously throughout the summer. We now count Tile Mansion as a growth game for MAG and haven’t been this excited about a game release since the launch of Wordzee in 2019,” says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.