MAG supports the charity fundraiser One Special Day for the fifth year in a row

On October 1, MAG Interactive will support players with disabilities by donating revenue generated in the UK to the One Special Day charity fundraiser.

Stockholm, Sweden - September 23, 2021 - For the fifth year in a row, MAG interactive will participate in the charity fundraiser One Special Day, which helps players with disabilities. On October 1, MAG will donate all revenue generated in the UK from all games to the fundraiser.

One Special Day is an annual charity fundraiser organized by the British non-profit organization SpecialEffect. The donations go to developing technology and building special game rigs so that gamers with disabilities can play their favorite games.

The One Special Day 2021 fundraiser takes place on October 1 and is supported this year by 75 companies within the gaming industry.

“SpecialEffect does a fantastic job for these gamers and we are both proud and happy to help support One Special Day for the fifth year in a row. Due to the isolation that COVID-19 has meant for many, this initiative is even more important. We hope that our participation helps One Special Day to reach this year's fundraising goal”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

About SpecialEffect
Since 2016, One Special Day has been organized annually by the British charity SpecialEffect and raises money to help gamers with disabilities. SpecialEffect uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life for people with various disabilities. From controller modifications to eye-control, all customized gaming setups are designed to suit the very specific individual needs of every person regardless of his or her disability. For more information visit http://www.specialeffect.org.uk