New QuizDuel to introduce cash prizes to QuizDuel Live

Starting August 15th, MAG will introduce cash prizes to the live game mode QuizDuel Live in the German version of New QuizDuel.

Stockholm, Sweden - 10 August, 2021 - Today MAG Interactive announces that from August 15th onward, cash prizes will be introduced to the live trivia mode QuizDuel Live in New QuizDuel in Germany.

The live trivia mode QuizDuel Live, was developed in collaboration with Primetime, a leading producer of live trivia games for mobile in Scandinavia, which was acquired by MAG in the fall of 2020. QuizDuel Live was launched in March in the German market.

The game mode consists of live quizzes with a host and players participate free of charge and answer up to 12 questions. All winners share the prize pool and in the past, the prizes have included tickets to the Arena game mode and lifesavers, an aid that can be used up to question 7 to continue playing.

“With the introduction of cash prizes, we want to make QuizDuel Live more attractive to our competitive player base in Germany. We are excited to see how the new feature is received”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

In connection with the launch of cash prizes, it will also be possible for players to donate their winnings to charity.

Facts about QuizDuel Live

  • QuizDuel Live is a game mode with live trivia shows moderated by a German-speaking host
  • The game mode is available to all players in New QuizDuel in Germany and participation is free of charge
  • The broadcasts run from Primetime’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden
  • A quiz lasts approximately 10 minutes and consists of a total of 12 questions
  • Lifesavers can be used if the player answered a question incorrectly, up until question 7
  • All players who answer all 12 questions correctly share the winnings equally
  • Via QuizDuel Live's chat, participants can interact in real-time with the show
  • QuizDuel Live is also planned to be launched in Switzerland and Austria in the near future