Wordzee passes five million downloads

Since its global launch in 2019, MAG's original word game has doubled its average revenue per daily active user.

Stockholm, Sweden - 3 February, 2022 - MAG is pleased to announce today that the unique word game Wordzee has passed five million downloads.

In Wordzee, players challenge each other to form words from letter tiles that are placed on a special game board. The player who fills the entire board takes home "Wordzee" and extra bonus points. Wordzee interweaves the gameplay of the classic dice game Yatzy with clever word game mechanics.

The game was developed by MAG's studio in Brighton and has since its launch in the fall of 2019 reached top 10 in the word game category in 147 countries on Apple's App Store. Since its launch, the game's global average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) has doubled to over 20 US cents, where it stands today.

In 2021 the game was significantly updated with new content, including a new design of the mascot character Kevin and improved balance of the in-game economy. In 2022 new types of events are planned to be released, as well as many other optimizations, with the goal of increasing long-term player engagement.

“Wordzee plays an important role in the work of constantly improving the efficiency of our gaming portfolio in terms of earning capacity. The entire gaming portfolio has more than doubled ARPDAU in recent years thanks to improvements in all games. Despite this, Wordzee has more than three times higher ARPDAU than the average MAG game and is a shining example of the capacity we see in our game teams to develop world-class games.

Five million downloads is a milestone and a good step on the way towards the 10 million downloads we aspire to reach for all the games we launch. Our goal is to continue to improve long-term player engagement with continuous optimization of the game, new content and new events. We believe in continued growth for Wordzee and look forward to how the game will develop in 2022”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.