Letter from CEO Daniel Hasselberg

Today I’m thrilled to announce a huge milestone in MAG Interactive´s history:

100 million downloads!!

It’s really an insanely big number. We’ve thought about the many ways we could illustrate this in order to make sense of it all. Imagine all of our players standing in a line. That line would go all away around the entire earth. Amazing.

We would never have gotten this far without our players, so it’s a no-brainer that we want to celebrate with all of you.

For ten days in Ruzzle, Wordbrain and Wordbrain Themes players can compete to win 100 million hints and coins. Every day 30 people will become millionaires!

I also want to give my thanks to all the people at MAG. This shows that we truly live up to our vision: Enriching people’s lives by creating long-lasting and high quality gaming experiences.

A hundred million thank yous!

Daniel Hasselberg


Celebrate with us!