Talk to the Fist with SmackChat, Out Now on iMessage

MAG Interactive’s Latest Mobile Game Enriches Chatting Experience With Friendly Banter
Stockholm, Sweden — January 26, 2017 — Today iMessage lets you become your favorite Kung Fu Master in a battle against your friends with SmackChat, the latest social game created by Swedish developer MAG Interactive. Available for free on the App Store for iOS10, SmackChat pits players against each other in a rock, paper, scissors style Kung Fu battle where the victor gets to talk smack! Download SmackChat on AppStore today.

“MAG Interactive strives to find new and unique ways to engage players and encourage player interaction, and iMessage is the perfect platform for a game like SmackChat,” said Johan Persson, Vice President of Product at MAG Interactive. “Featuring comical art style and funky sound effects, SmackChat is a super casual, fun game that encourages player banter and a healthy bit of good-natured trash talking. Give it a try today! We’re sure your friends deserve it!”

With simple gameplay, SmackChat is all about mind games in who can outsmart the other and deliver the wittiest victory line. First, select your opponent on iMessage and begin your Kung Fu battle by selecting which parts of the body (head, torso or legs) you will target over three moves – then write a trash talk message that will smack your opponent if you win. Your opponent also selects his or her own three moves and snarky message, and then a battle video is automatically sent to both players featuring a full replay of the Kung Fu fight. As you progress you can gain sagely wisdom from the Sifu and unlock exclusive characters with special victory animations.

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Vaiva Vitkute
Plan of Attack on behalf of MAG Interactive