Word Domination Celebrates Successful Global Launch

MAG Interactive today revealed statistics from the launch of Word Domination, its’ fast-paced real-time word game, which has been available on mobile stores since May 31st. In its first week after launch, Word Domination reached the top 10 in the word game category across 116 countries on the App Store. With three million matches played since release and with over 100,000 hours played every day, Word Domination is another strong addition to the MAG game roster.

“We’re excited about how well Word Domination has been received by players around the world. It’s a charming play on real-time word games, with addictive gameplay that sucks players in for hours,” says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. ”We have received strong support on both the App Store and Google Play store fronts and are excited to see how Word Domination will continue its climb to the top of the charts.“

Word Domination Trailer

Word Domination is a modern game with a tactical twist where players challenge each other in a fresh and exciting real-time battle of words. Opponents face off forming words on a shared board to score points in five-round matches. In addition to points granted for each word, as well as bonus tiles that increase the score of any letter or word played on them, players can also collect and play over 40 unique booster cards to supercharge their turn. This tactical element coupled with real time gameplay sets Word Domination apart from other games in the genre and has proven highly popular with players in test markets.

About MAG Interactive

MAG Interactive is a leading Swedish developer and publisher of casual mobile games for a global audience. The company reaches over 10 million monthly active players with a portfolio consisting of ten successful games that have generated over 200 million downloads in total. The most successful titles like Ruzzle, Quiz Duel and WordBrain have all reached #1 spots on the App Store and Google Play. With offices located in Stockholm and Brighton, MAG Interactive’s games are distributed through virtual app stores allowing for global reach. MAG Interactive is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier with ticker MAGI. Avanza Bank AB is acting as MAG Interactive's Certified Adviser. For more information visit www.maginteractive.com.