MAG Interactive globally launches the ingenious word game Wordzee

After reaching the top rankings in Sweden, Wordzee is ready to take the world by storm. MAG releases its new word game to a global audience today.

Stockholm, Sweden - 28 November 2019 - MAG Interactive announces today that the innovative word game Wordzee will be launched globally on the App Store and Google Play, following a successful soft launch in Sweden and the UK. 

Wordzee is an expressive and clever word game where players challenge their brains by competing against each other using letter tiles to form high scoring words on a special board. As an added challenge, filling the entire board earns the player “Wordzee” and major bonus points. Wordzee is wildly fun to play against friends as well as solo in special events and tournaments - challenge the character Kevin and collect charming characters and colorful tiles!

Developed by MAG's Brighton studio, Wordzee was soft launched a month ago in Sweden. The game made quite an impression from the start, becoming the top grossing word game during the first week, and continued to climb up the top-ten list of the most popular free-to-play games in Sweden on the App Store and Google Play.

“MAG’s increased focus on multiplayer is clearly visible in Wordzee where playing with others is a central part of the experience. We also see that the social elements have resulted in a high daily engagement from the players in the game. On average these users play more than an hour each day, which is a fantastic vote of confidence. When we soft launched the game we already believed strongly in Wordzee and in our Brighton studio that developed it. We are very proud to now launch the game globally,” says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

“Wordzee has everything we wish for from a MAG game - social multiplayer and engaging game mechanics, it’s in line with our corporate strategy to develop this type of game for a wide global audience. As with our other games, we consider Wordzee to be a living product, which we will continue to update with new features and new content going forward.” Daniel Hasselberg continues.

Wordzee - the ultimate clever word game. Facts:

  • Unique word game: Original and innovative combination of word creation, strategy and matching mechanics

  • Fast-paced matches: Quick and challenging game sessions and events with rewards and leaderboards

  • Social gaming: Challenge your friends! Who has a superior vocabulary and can take home the “Wordzee” bonus?

Wordzee is available on global markets to download and play for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Screenshots of Wordzee are available to download here.

Gameplay video of Wordzee can be watched here.