MAG supports Pride with donation to charity

Employees at MAG raise funds in support of global LGBTQ+ rights

Inclusion, representation and equal rights for everyone are key values at MAG Interactive. We put these values into action by supporting LGBTQ+ rights during Pride month. Our employees organized & launched a fundraising campaign and MAG followed their lead by pledging to match all employee donations.

Our Stockholm office chose to donate money to Solidaritetsfonden (“The Solidarity Fund”), a Swedish organization that helps organize Pride celebrations outside Sweden in places where financial aid or political support is not given for Pride activities. Our employees at the Brighton office raised money to the Rainbow International Fund, a UK based fund that promotes LGBTQ+ rights around the world by, among other things, supporting local projects and grassroots activism.

These two organizations are heavily active where they are needed most. That is why MAG chose to support them, and we hope that donations like these inspire other companies in the gaming industry to launch similar initiatives to promote equal rights for people in LGBTQ+ communities. 

Our employees raised a total of 5,470 SEK. With matching funds from MAG, we managed to donate a total of 10,940 SEK to these two great institutions.

For additional information, please contact:
Tove Bengtsson / Marketing Communications Manager / +46 (0)72-220 73 22 / tove.bengtsson@maginteractive.com

About Solidaritetsfonden
For several years, Stockholm Pride has been working on solidarity to support Pride festivals outside Sweden, when they do not have the opportunity to carry out their celebrations, or other activities, without financial or political support. Money for the purpose is collected in the Stockholm Pride International Solidarity Fund. Over the years, we have allocated certain specified revenues to this fund, for example, money that comes from the sale of records with this year's pride, sales of image rights, pledges on PET bottles or special fundraising activities and gifts during the festival. Anyone who wants to make a contribution can also do this through a deposit on the Solidarity Fund's bank giro 303-0996. For more information visit https://www.stockholmpride.org/solidaritetsfonden/

About Rainbow International Fund
Rainbow International exists to empower LGBTQ+ rights activists working in countries where lesbian, gay, bisexual and  transgender people are criminalised and face persecution.
Our mission:
Promoting the human rights of LGBTQ+ people, worldwide;
Empowering grassroots LGBTQ+ rights activists working in countries where LGBTQ+ people are criminalised and face persecution;
Supporting local activists with grants and project funding to further equality and opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in the most disadvantaged communities and hostile regions for LGBTQ+ people across the world;
Raising public awareness of human rights violations of LGBTQ+ people across the world
For more information visit https://rainbow-international-fund.org