MAG Interactive celebrates its ten-year anniversary with festive game events and nominates Player of the Decade

MAG Interactive celebrates its tenth year by launching special events in six of its games where players can compete to become the MAG player of the decade.

Stockholm, Sweden - November 9, 2020 - 2020 MAG Interactive celebrates its tenth year as a company and launches special events in six of its games: New QuizDuel, Wordzee, Word Domination, Ruzzle, WordBrain and WordBrain 2.

MAG also announces a unique competition: Players participating in at least five of these exclusive ten-year events compete to be crowned the MAG “Player of the Decade”. In addition to this honorary title, the winner will be awarded exclusive MAG swag as well as in-app currency in participating games. The events and the competition runs from today until the 23rd of November.

“In ten years, MAG has gone from a few people around a desk to a company with three studios in two countries and millions of active players every month. During these ten years, we have reached more than a quarter of a billion downloads of our games. At the same time, the industry has grown considerably, and the step from paid games to free-to-play has opened up for billions of people around the world to play games together.

“The past year we’ve launched two of our most important games so far - Wordzee and New QuizDuel - while also acquiring the live quiz app Primetime. With great coworkers and a strong game portfolio, we feel very excited and hopeful when looking forward to another decade of development for MAG”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

Milestones in MAG Interactive's game catalog

  • Wordzee is MAG's innovative word game which launched globally in November 2019. In Wordzee players challenge each other by competing head-to-head using letter tiles to form high scoring words on a special board. The player who fills the entire board earns "Wordzee" and extra bonus points, a game mechanic inspired by the classic dice game "Yatzy". Wordzee is developed by MAG's studio in Brighton and is the company's strongest growing game.
  • QuizDuel is a social trivia game, and the largest quiz game in Europe on mobile with over one million daily players and 100 million downloads in total. The sequel New QuizDuel launched globally in May 2020 and introduced the new multiplayer mode "Arena", where five players challenge each other to climb leaderboards.
  • The tactical multiplayer game Word Domination was released globally in May 2018 and has since been placed in the top 5 in the word game category in 140 countries and downloaded over 10 million times. Word Domination is MAG's only multiplayer game with real-time matches and thanks to its booster cards, the game holds a unique position in the word game market.
  • Ruzzle, released in 2012, is now a word game phenomenon that has since been downloaded over 60 million times. The game remains popular, even seeing growth during the last year. It is played in 13 different languages ​​and has reached the top 10 rank in 148 countries on Apple’s App Store.
  • With over 40 million downloads, the puzzle-word game WordBrain is one of MAG's evergreens. WordBrain has reached the number one spot in 118 countries in the word game category on the Apple App Store. Over 550 players have performed each "Puzzle of the Day" since that feature was launched two years ago.

Participate in the “Player of the Decade” competition

Complete the birthday themed events before November 23rd in at least five of the following MAG Interactive games: Ruzzle, New QuizDuel, Wordzee, WordDomination, WordBrain and WordBrain 2. Once you have completed each event, take a screenshot of the completed event and email your screenshots to playerofthedecade@maginteractive.se.