MAG prepares testing of new live mode in New QuizDuel

Starting next week, MAG Interactive will test launch a new live mode in New QuizDuel in the German market.

Stockholm, Sweden - 11 December 2020 - MAG Interactive today announces plans to test launch a new game mode with live trivia broadcasts in New QuizDuel. The test launch will begin in the coming week in the game's largest market, Germany.

The live mode in New QuizDuel is being developed in collaboration with the live trivia app Primetime, which was acquired by MAG earlier in the year. The game mode in New QuizDuel features a live trivia show with a host.

In order to secure technical functionality before full-scale launch, the testing will initially focus on a limited audience and then later be scaled up gradually.

The new live mode will primarily be monetized through sponsorship campaigns, a financing model that Primetime currently uses. Work to secure advertising sales has begun in Germany under the leadership of a new coworker with many years of media sales experience, including with the television network RTL.