New QuizDuel launches globally

The new generation of the classic trivia game releases worldwide

Stockholm, Sweden - 5 May 2020 - MAG Interactive is delighted to announce the global release of the sequel to the classic trivia game QuizDuel - New QuizDuel - on Google Play and the App Store.

Since 2012 QuizDuel has attracted over 100 million players with clever questions and exciting one-on-one matches. It’s MAG's biggest game in terms of active players: with a daily player base of over a million players worldwide, QuizDuel is the leading trivia game in Europe on both iOS and Android.

New QuizDuel retains the essence of the original game while developing the concept further with the introduction of the new game mode “Arena”. In the “Arena”, players compete against four other people in clever new categories to climb various leaderboards. Over the course of six rounds players chase each other simultaneously, vying for the top spot where fortunes can change in a split second.

The game team has taken great care to preserve the familiar experience of the original game. In the classic trivia duels, you still challenge friends or other players around the world in 19 different categories, anything from biology to film and politics. In addition to the duels, there are special and monthly quiz events, where players challenge their knowledge against other players in the same country.

Furthermore, players from the original game can keep their player profiles, as well as statistics and friends, in New QuizDuel. Players can also challenge each other in trivia matches between the QuizDuel and New QuizDuel platforms.

New QuizDuel was first released in Sweden in November 2019 and has since launched in several major markets, such as Germany, Italy and France. After a major impact in these countries, MAG has decided to release the game to the global mobile market.

“We are proud to present the new generation of QuizDuel to a global market. The game team has worked hard to deliver a world-class gaming experience. We are one step closer to achieving our goal - to make New QuizDuel the world's greatest mobile game in the trivia category”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

Facts about New QuizDuel

  • New Arena game mode: Play against four other players simultaneously and climb the leaderboards!
  • Classic quiz duels: Who knows more? Compete against your friends in one-on-one matches about everything from food and film to science and sports
  • Keep your gamer profile and statistics from the classic
  • Cross-play one-on-one duels between the New and classic QuizDuel
  • Special events: Test your knowledge of new, exciting topics in special and monthly quizzes

New QuizDuel is available on global markets to download and play for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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