New QuizDuel launches in several markets

After positive launches in Sweden and the UK, New QuizDuel releases in several new markets, including Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland

Stockholm, Sweden - 20 March 2020 - MAG Interactive today announces that after positive launches of New QuizDuel in Sweden, the UK, and Italy among others, the game releases in additional new markets - including Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland.

New QuizDuel is a further development of the classic trivia game QuizDuel, and was initially soft launched in Sweden in November 2019 on the App Store and Google Play. After being well received in the first test markets, MAG Interactive has now decided to launch the game in several major markets in Europe, including Germany.

The original QuizDuel was released in 2012, has an active player base of over one million daily active users and has reached 100 million downloads in total.

New QuizDuel is available to download and play for free in selected markets on in the App Store and Google Play.