New QuizDuel passes five million downloads

Milestone reached for New QuizDuel - next step is the launch of a live mode in the game in Germany.

Stockholm, Sweden - 4 December 2020 - Today, MAG Interactive is proud to announce that the social trivia game New QuizDuel has passed five million downloads.

New QuizDuel is the successor to classic QuizDuel and launched globally in May 2020. The game introduced the new multiplayer mode "Arena", where five players challenge each other to climb various leaderboards.

“Five million downloads demonstrates the appeal of New QuizDuel, especially considering that the game has only been available globally since May. Our goal has been to migrate all players from the classic game to New QuizDuel before the end of the year. We are now well on our way to reaching that goal. New QuizDuel downloads increased greatly during November. We also removed classic QuizDuel from the App Store and Google Play and thus put an end to the older generation of the game.

We will soon be ready to take the next step for New QuizDuel. In collaboration with Primetime, which we acquired in September, the team is working hard to build a live trivia mode into the game. The new game mode - a live trivia show with a host - will primarily be launched in the game's largest market, Germany. Our hope is that it will make New QuizDuel an unbeatable mobile entertainment experience in the trivia genre”, says Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive.

About New QuizDuel

  • New QuizDuel launched globally in May 2020 and is the sequel to the classic QuizDuel, which has reached over 100 million downloads in total.
  • The most popular trivia categories are 1) Wining & Dining 2) The Great Outdoors 3) Life & Health.
  • On average, 45 million answers per day are submitted in New QuizDuel. Of those, circa 62% are correct answers.
  • In total, players spent 69 million hours in New QuizDuel since the initial soft launch in November 2019, equivalent to almost 8 000 years.